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Chaplain Service, Inc

Chaplain Service, Inc. is an interdenominational, not-for-profit ministry based in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Chaplains provide 24/7 whole person care and support services to people of all faiths and those with none.

Founded in 1950, Chaplain Services, Inc. was historically a primary provider of chaplain services in medical settings like hospitals, hospice, and other long-term care organizations. In recent years, Chaplain Services, Inc. expanded its work to include non-medical settings like corporate businesses and not-for-profit human service organizations.

Today Chaplain Services, Inc. serves 18 organizations in over 20 West Michigan locations, representing more than 6,000 employees and family members.

Supported by a Board of Directors, Chaplain Services employs an Executive Director, more than ten chaplains, and two support staff.

We go where you need us.

Our model is flexible.  You choose the features you want.

We serve people who have faith, and those who do not.

We educate. Training and workshops are available.

Your partner in people care.

Broken relationships. Addictions. Physical, emotional and financial concerns. Grief. Personal and work crisis. We support people in the middle of their life challenges, whatever they are.

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