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Circle of Victory Fund

The Circle of Victory Fund, a signature program of Greene Medical Foundation in Xenia, Ohio, offers direct financial assistance to any Greene County resident facing cancer, helping turn cancer victims into cancer victors. On any given day, statistics show that more than 700, and up to 1,000, residents in Greene County face cancer.

With cancer comes the additional stress of financial burdens. Even with the best of any health insurance, cancer patients face an average increase of $700 in monthly expenses—that is $700 per month for the duration of their fight. For some that is months, for others, years. Circle of Victory helps underwrite cancer treatment; treatment of a consequence of cancer or its treatment; medication; wigs; prostheses; and other financial burdens carried by patients and their families.

Any stress inhibits healing. Circle of Victory helps relieve some burden so that cancer patients can better focus on conquering their cancer. 100% of all gifts to Circle of Victory go to patients. All expenses associated with Circle of Victory are covered by Greene Medical Foundation.

While many organizations are national in scope, seeking to wipe out cancer, Circle of Victory focuses solely on its local affects. We help friends and neighbors achieve victory in their own circumstances while we await the day when cancer is no more.

Circle of Victory. We help make good things happen for amazing people.

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