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Elijah Rising

Elijah Rising is ending sex trafficking and sexual exploitation by equipping a new generation of justice warriors to confront culture through prayer, awareness, intervention and aftercare in the spirit of Isaiah 1:17.

  • Prayer:​ We believe that sex trafficking and sexual exploitation are spiritual issues. Our staff hosts two informal prayer meetings a week as well as musician-led prayer at every outreach. We encourage churches and worship teams to engage this issue in individual and corporate prayer.
  • Awareness:​ We aim to drive the reality of sex trafficking and sexual exploitation into the conscience of our society through van tours and our Museum of Modern-Day Slavery, a 1,000 square foot exhibit that combines information and artifacts to tell the story of sex trafficking in our city.
  • Intervention​: We train people to reach men and women trapped in sexual exploitation. We host open interventions twice a month, and provide women in the sex industry with a way of escape through a 24/7 hotline.
  • Aftercare:​ Kendleton Farms is a journey of innovation which will result in a multifaceted social enterprise community. The facility will provide for at least 40 women and, eventually their children, who have survived sex trafficking or sexual exploitation. Here survivors will live, heal, work and re-enter society with work history, viable job skills, and start-up savings.
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