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  • GoSendMe Global is an international mission ministry that trains and sends missionaries based on how the Lord has called and uniquely qualified individuals and families to be ambassadors for Christ in certain places, among people groups, or through particular ministries.  The mission statement reflects this by saying that GSM is “dedicated to furthering the mission and vision of the called and the sent.”  Our agenda is to support the agenda God has ordained for those He is appointing to the field.
  • GSM currently has ministry points in 14 countries across 6 continents, and is supporting missionaries that are engaged in the refugee crisis, anti-sex and human trafficking, sports ministries, church planting, local sustainability amongst the impoverished, construction teams, and discipleship multiplication movements.  The primary focus of the ministry is on the long-term missionary, but short-term teams and interns are also a large part of GSM.
  • We seek to see Christ be the center, focus and aim of all we do.  We operate completely by faith, not charging or assessing our missionaries, teams or interns any percentages or fees to support administrative or operating costs, but instead, we rely on faith-raised support to provide those services and care.
  • We train nationals to reach nationals, disciples to make disciples, and churches to plant churches.  We are currently witnessing disciple-making movements in multiple countries as a result of the ministry leadership training we provide.  However, we are not results driven, but rather, we are obedience driven, and our obedience is driven by love.
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