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Ravens Uganda

We train, mentor and disciple underprivileged youth in Uganda for independent living.

Ravens Ministries trains underprivileged youth (ages 15-25) in vocational and independent living skills to escape the cycle of poverty. As a Christian organization, they strive to share God’s love and provide these youth with a hope for the future.

Founded by Pastor Abel Muwanguzi in 2007, Ravens Ministries derives its name and mission from 1 Kings 17:4 “You shall drink from the brook and I have ordered the ravens to feed you there”. Vulnerable and with no support, these underprivileged youth need the presence of God and physical sustainability much like Elijah. God did not leave Elijah in a vulnerable state of thirst, hunger and threats on his life. God offered Elijah safety, water at the brook and food from the ravens. They trust His same provision today and long to see the youth of Uganda thrive physically and spiritually rather than turn to drugs, prostitution and life on the streets.

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